Powerful Ai decision making in real-time

Scalable solutions for financial institutions

Over the last 10 years the amount of data and data sources within your enterprise have grown exponentially. RembrandtAi® provides a expert system to access, connect and maximize the value of your enterprise data. Simply put, we give your people and your data a voice. The right data combined with your people’s insights and actions, empowering people to meet and exceed their goals and aspirations. We bring our people and RembrandtAi’s unique, proven technology to simplify and resolve complex technical and operational challenges.

Powerful Ai decision making in real-time

Scalable solutions for data streams

Over the last 10 years the amount of data and data sources within enterprises have grown exponentially. RembrandtAi® is a scalable real-time Ai driven system, generating actions that are delivered to original destinations and customer interfaces. The actions produced by RembrandtAi are presented in a sophisticated, powerful visualized form that allows further analysis and insight by analysts and executives.

RembrandtAi’s flexible machine learning technology simplifies and resolves complex technical and operational challenges across a range of industries.

RembrandtAi® In The News

RembrandtAi® In The News

The RembrandtAi® Solution

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RembrandtAi® is a transactional multi-layer artificial intelligence solution, incorporating advanced neural network techniques. It is a culmination of decades of technological progress in the field of artificial intelligence. That evolution did not follow a straight line, but was rather a development of different dimensions in this fascinating field, with neural networks playing a pivotal role in its advancement.

RembrandtAi® Multi-Layered Ai System

Harnessing Decades of Diverse Technological Advancements

The RembrandtAi® Advantage

Most fraud detection platforms don’t operate in real-time, but RembrandtAi® provides immediate, live Ai-driven data analysis for banks, analyzing data across all channels instantly to significantly reduce fraud risk. The latest True Cost of Fraud® Study reveals that for every $1 of fraudulent transactions, banks and credit unions incur $4.36 in costs. With financial fraud typically detected post-occurrence, banks face about 5% revenue losses. RembrandtAi® detects such frauds instantly, potentially saving banks millions and enhancing their profitability.

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